"We Make House Calls"


How long has Restoration Doctors, LLC been in business?

Since 2003.

We opened our first office in Indianapolis, IN and have steadily expanded throughout the Midwest. At present, Restoration Doctors operates in more than 12 states and more than 20 cities.

Is Restoration Doctors, LLC a licensed contractor?


Restoration Doctors is appropriately licensed in every state and city where we conduct business.

Is Restoration Doctors, LLC properly insured?


Restoration Doctors carries General Liability and Worker’s Compensation coverage to protect the homeowner in the event of an accident. A copy of our insurance declaration page is available for review.

Does Restoration Doctors, LLC charge for a project assessment?


Restoration Doctors appreciates the opportunity to provide every prospective client with a detailed description and a cost estimate to complete a repair or a remodeling project.

If the project involves an insurance claim due to severe weather, Restoration Doctors will provide the homeowner with a detailed property assessment to determine the entire scope of damage. With an agreed upon scope of work, we guarantee to complete the project for the price as determined by your insurance carrier.

How long will it take Restoration Doctors, LLC to complete my project?

Obviously every project is unique; however, as a general rule, Restoration Doctors is usually able to complete single trade projects in 1-3 days, while multiple trade projects may take up to 1-2 weeks. Factors that can impede a timely completion include product availability and weather conditions.

Does Restoration Doctors, LLC provide a warranty?


In fact, upon completion of the project, and receipt of payment in full, a homeowner receives two warranties.

Manufacturer Warranty: This warranty protects the homeowner against product defects due to a manufacturing issue. It is provided directly through the manufacturer, and usually, after a short period of time following installation, covers only the cost to replace the material, not the labor.

Workmanship Warranty This warranty is provided by Restoration Doctors and protects the homeowner against problems stemming from an installation error. Within five years of installation, and receipt of notification, Restoration Doctors will take the needed measures to remedy the problem at no additional charge to the homeowner. Also note that the remaining balance of our workmanship warranty is transferrable one time to a subsequent homeowner.