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Green Initiatives

Restoration Doctors has made a strong pledge to incorporate Green Initiatives into our business philosophy. As the world changes, and our supply of natural resources diminishes, it has become the responsibility of everyone to seek more energy efficient practices and alternatives. With the goal being to minimize lasting damage to our planet, Restoration Doctors encourages everyone to participate.


For too long the construction industry has lagged behind in its efforts to promote the need to recycle. In the past, most contractors limited their initiatives to the recycling of aluminum based products. However, with waste management firms making it easier than ever to recycle asphalt shingles, contractors have a responsibility to step up and participate. The benefits achieved through the recycling of asphalt shingles is quite evident. Recycling can help reduce waste build up at landfill areas. In addition, by injecting recycled asphalt, in lieu of virgin asphalt, into a typical pavement project, tests show greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced. Finally, studies indicate that the use of recycled shingles in asphalt mixes helps reduce ruts and road cracks.


Most city and county code ordinances allow for one additional layer of roofing material to be installed over the original roof system. This technique offers a waste minimizing alternative to a complete roof tear off. Re roofing allows for the revitalization of the existing roof system, while at the same time reduces the amount of land fill space needed to accommodate the disposal of discarded material.


Solar reflection material is specifically designed and manufactured to minimize the amount of heat retained by traditionally dark, UV absorbent roofing products. With conventional asphalt materials, companies can incorporate reflective coated granules into the shingle manufacturing process. Existing flat roof systems can be enhanced through the surface application of a reflective coating that can diminish attic temperatures, thereby reducing overall electricity consumption. Entire mechanically attached roofing systems made of light weight materials can accomplish even greater efficiency. Being a pure white product, it reflects UV light in greater quantities.